Life. Is. Hard.

14 Mar

Let’s face it.  Life sucks.  A lot.  Frequently and unrelentingly.  Either there’s something in your life that you’re not happy with, or there’s something that’s not in your life that is too hard to get.

So why try to avoid it?

If life’s going to suck anyway, might as well embrace it and be in control of what terrible thing you’re going to go through.  Are you going to go through the pain of living life the way it is now, or go through the pain of changing it?  And even once you’ve gotten to the point where you’re completely happy with life, you know that life will come along and knock that hard work to the ground – unless you’re willing to go through the pain of maintaining the life you want.

I first saw this concept as a quote from Diminishing Lucy’s blog, which I paraphrase as “Being overweight is hard, losing weight is hard, keeping the weight off is hard.  Choose your hard.”  It must be over a year ago that I first read that, but it still stays with me to this day.  And it’s pretty much a one-size-fits-all philosophy.  Being poor is hard, making money is hard, saving money is hard.  Being surrounded by negativity is hard, eliminating that negativity is hard, maintaining a positive atmosphere is hard.  Being unmotivated is hard, getting motivated is hard, staying motivated is hard.  Etc.

So what’s hard in your life right now?  How hard would it be to change it?  Is it harder to live the way you’re living now, or to maintain the life you want.  More importantly, is it worth the work?  There’s a story about a traveling salesman who was walking up to a house where an old man sat out front with his dog.  “Is the dog nice?” “Oh, sure, he wouldn’t hurt a fly.”  As the salesman walked up, the dog started barking vigorously, so he backed up.  “I though you said he was nice.”  “Well sure he is, but when you walked up, you stepped on that loose board there.  There’s a nail on the other end of that board that swings up and pokes the dog in the butt, that’s why he was barking.”  “Well why doesn’t he just move?”  “Hm.  I guess it doesn’t hurt enough.”

So reflect on whatever situation you wish would change.  Does it hurt enough for you to change it?  Does the added benefit outweigh any added or different pain or discomfort?  Make an active choice for what’s more important to you: to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them?  Maybe a new set of difficulties is all you need to reinvigorate your life!

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